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Golf Dojo Focus

Do you have the focus to play fearlessly?

Golf Dojo Presence

Can you swing through adversity and hit the green?

Golf Dojo Execution

Is your mind clear and prepared for success?

Golf Dojo Stillness

Are you ready to know your true game? 

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within the still mind... your true game dwells inside you... breathe swing play feel live

  • "Achieve Your Playing Goals Through Patience And Dedication"
  • "Seek the stillness underneath the wandering mind... Your original swing exists there"
  • "Our Goal is not to make a perfect golfer, but let a golfer experience the perfect moment"
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About The Golf Dojo

Golf is a way of life in which proficiency is pursued with great passion and determination. The seemingly unconquerable nature of the sport is utterly frustrating to many and even drives some of the best golfers in the world to public emotional reactions. What is really such a pure and simple concept; finish the game in as few strokes as possible, has evolved into an emotional test that captivates the attention of its practitioners during the day and often interrupts sleep.

Add to the equation that Golf can be played over the span of an entire life time. This fact alone means that a player’s game is developing and changing right along with their logical and emotional self. This also means that the player’s expectations, opinions, and judgments are changing while their skills increase over time.

So how does training at The Golf Dojo help a Student prepare for this journey? Very simply; the golf dojo offers a “Path” to break thru the cycle of falling victim to “self” created realities about apparent success and failures experienced on the golf course. Utilizing the industry tested Physical and Mental principles taught at the golf dojo, the student creates new habits and experience their true game.

The Golf Dojo Training Path


All students regardless of their present skill level, who are enrolled at the golf dojo, must undergo a rigorous Mental and Physical Assessment. The assessment process results are designed to set a baseline and to formulate the path to improvement. Following the recommendations from the assessment yields amazing results and paves the way to a lifetime of golfing enjoyment.

Mental and Physical Goal Setting

Each Student at the golf dojo will be put through a specific “Golf Dojo Goal Setting Matrix”. The student’s honest and thoughtful answers to some specific questions will lay the foundation for the student’s growth and progress as both a golfer and an individual. Self Improvement planning must be predicated by setting goals and establishing a path to move beyond the limits of expected progress.

Physical and Biomechanical Evaluations

Our goal at The Golf Dojo is to improve every facet of the Student. (Mind, Body, and Spirit) Follow the directions of our industry certified and licensed educators thru the advanced techniques of Bio-Mechanical Golf Specific evaluations as well as Titleist Performance Institute training to a complete nutritional evaluation to make sure you are operating at peak efficiency.


Each Student will be supplied with an Individual Training Regimen that will include Theory, Exercise, Flexibility, golf specific technique training, and Focus / awareness practice to be performed both on and off the golf course.


Each Golf Dojo student with a goal to be a competitive golfer will be asked to participate in events consistent with their own current skill level. The purpose of the student’s participation in these exercises is not to compete against the other players, but rather to help the Student witness firsthand how the specific Golf Dojo principles have taken root within their golf mind and what skills are developing.

Monitoring Progress and Growing Beyond Your Goals

Each Student at the Golf Dojo will be monitored and Mentored closely by Golf Dojo Educators. But most importantly, they will be asked to observe themselves as they advance through their individualized Golf Dojo Training Regimen and witness the awakening of their “Golf Mind.”

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