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Golf Dojo Focus

Do you have the focus to play fearlessly?

Golf Dojo Presence

Can you swing through adversity and hit the green?

Golf Dojo Execution

Is your mind clear and prepared for success?

Golf Dojo Stillness

Are you ready to know your true game? 

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within the still mind... your true game dwells inside you... breathe swing play feel live

  • "Achieve Your Playing Goals Through Patience And Dedication"
  • "Seek the stillness underneath the wandering mind... Your original swing exists there"
  • "Our Goal is not to make a perfect golfer, but let a golfer experience the perfect moment"
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What Is A Dojo?

"Dojo" is a Japanese term which literally translates to “place of the way.” The Golf Dojo is a center dedicated to demystifying “the way of golf” and enhancing a more rewarding experience for golfers of all skill levels.

In analyzing the unique skills required to enhance golf performance, The Golf Dojo’s team of industry-recognized educators have outlined a specific multi-disciplinary performance-based instructional initiative. Come experience your true potential at The Golf Dojo by mixing and matching learning concepts to build your performance based program.

Dojo Hours Of Operation

  • To Schedule Training at the Golf Dojo - Please contact Steven Browner at 561-320-3656(dojo) or Email him at

Golf Dojo Curriculum - Click here for Calendar and class schedule

  • Course Strategy Planning Session - combine knowledge of your own game parameters with how to break apart a round to maximize opportunities and minimize wasted strokes

  • Dynamic Golf Focus Training Session - Formal concentration training

  • Dynamic Focus Training With Putting Skills Session - Formal concentration training with a focused putting session

  • Dynamic Focus Training With Short Game Skills Session - Formal concentration training with a focused chipping / pitching / bunker session

  • Dynamic Focus Training With Full Swing Skills Session - Formal concentration training with a focused full swing session

  • Driving The Ball With A Dynamic Focus Session - Learn to find the fairway off the tee by adapting a centered and focused routine. (most double bogies are caused by an errant tee shot)

  • Golf Nutrition Session - Understand how to make your body an ally to your golf success. (your golf mind and body rely on how you fuel the machine)

  • Golf Fitness Session - Get motivated to train beyond your goals by establishing a regular training regimen prescribed by Dr. Brian Casey (Golf Dojo Medical Director). (These focused trainings will be supervised by Golf Dojo Trained technicians who will motivate you thru your plan)

  • Golf Dojo Advanced Scoring And Shot Making Session - learn to advance the ability to "Swing out of your own way" these sessions will be testing your ability to visualize moments when shot making become a premium. Ball flight laws begin with your ability to visualize the opportunity. Learn stillness to execute trouble shots and save your score.

  • On Course Practice Session - Play nine hole with focus. Put your skills to the test. (Saturday later afternoon only – green fees not included)

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