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Golf Dojo Focus

Do you have the focus to play fearlessly?

Golf Dojo Presence

Can you swing through adversity and hit the green?

Golf Dojo Execution

Is your mind clear and prepared for success?

Golf Dojo Stillness

Are you ready to know your true game? 

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within the still mind... your true game dwells inside you... breathe swing play feel live

  • "Achieve Your Playing Goals Through Patience And Dedication"
  • "Seek the stillness underneath the wandering mind... Your original swing exists there"
  • "Our Goal is not to make a perfect golfer, but let a golfer experience the perfect moment"
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Find out what some of our students and contemporaries are saying about The Golf Dojo.

Touring Professional Testimonials

Zach Potter - PGA TOUR Latinoamérica Member
2-time NCAA Division II All-American, All-Region Selection, and All-Sunshine State Conference selection at Florida Institute of Technology

"Golf is hard. Period. I can think of no other activity that can simultaneously create the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The precision required in such a seemingly simple game causes a sport that feels so simple one moment to suddenly become impossible the next."

"As I have grown in my own abilities and progressed to the highest levels of golf by playing at the professional level worldwide, I have never been more aware of how quickly this game can humble even the most talented athletes, the most confident and steadfast of competitors. This realization lead me on a search to find how to prevent these immense lows and create a more complete player, able to better traverse the difficulties of playing golf at the highest level."

"That search led me to The Golf Dojo. Working with Steven has brought new perspective to my time in tournaments, in practice, and in my life outside of golf. He showed me how changing the way I use my mind can not only allow me to create a calmer, more aware competitor under the most extreme pressures, but also how to get more out of a practice session or time spent with my family. My work with Steven has not suddenly caused pressure to vanish, nor has it caused me to feel the highest of highs in victory. It has, however, allowed me to better understand my surroundings, more easily recognize how to acknowledge and work in pressure situations, and become a more complete person overall."

"I know the Golf Dojo benefited me. Find out what it can do for you."

Michael Davenport - Touring Professional
(Florida Professional Golf Tour, GolfSlinger.com Tour, IGTA)

"Since I began working with The Golf Dojo I have learned the importance of inner game stillness, which is a great skill and advantage to have in the heat of competition. I found the training techniques easy to understand and apply into my everyday practice."

Mark Fucito - Minor League Touring Professional

“Working with Steven for a little over 4 months now has been inspiring. My confidence grows each and every time we talk which has helped me to take each moment as it comes and not to get ahead of myself. Most important I am leaning to truly enjoy the experience and process that it takes to becoming a touring pro. Steven thanks again for everything and looking forward to continuing working on staying in the moment.”

Collegiate Testimonials

Amateur Testimonials

David Hayes - Earned a Full Baseball and Academic Scholarship to FLorida Atlantic University.
- Drafted by the Atlanta Braves in 2002

“When I first met Steven he wanted to get to know me and how I thought before diving into any of the curriculum. As someone who has always searched for a mental edge, Steve and I hit it off immediately. Through both set mental sessions and casual conversations he has been able to mold my thoughts about the game of golf in a manner which I learn through self-discovery. There are many ways to approach the game of golf, and life for that matter, and through his personal studies and experiences Steven has the ability to lead students of all levels to a place of higher learning and understanding. I look forward to future growth and further enjoyment of the game. ”

David Depablo - Tournament Golfer and Entrepreneur

“Minding your mind, it does matter. In a game which parallels life in every way, there is no greater asset then a still, sound mind. We've all had the inner dialogue "what if I miss ". This is Human Nature. The Golf Dojo allows oneself to find their Godly state. Not only will you see your golf game change but your life as a whole. Every principle taught in the Golf Dojo is a Universal Lesson which just so happens to fit within the game of golf.”

"If you want to change your game on and off the course. All you need is an open mind. The Golf Dojo is waiting for you."

Golf Dojo Physical Performance Client Testimonials

Matt - Columbus, Ohio

"I went to Dr Casey at The Golf Dojo because I wanted to improve my golf game and general fitness. I am a typical golfer, busy at work, busy at home, with little to no time to work out. My general fitness was beginning to decline and it was affecting my golf game as well. I wanted something tailored specifically to my golf game and time constraints. That is why I contacted Dr Casey @ The Golf Dojo.”

“The Golf Dojo gave me the personalized workout to target my body weaknesses that were causing my reoccurring swing faults. My clubs are all custom fit, now my golf workout is custom fit to me as well. Dr Casey put me thru several flexibility and strength tests that revealed where I was physically falling behind due to lack of flexibility and strength. Then I underwent an in-depth video swing analysis, and guess what my body was what was holding me back from my full potential. After the initial testing and swing analysis Dr. Casey was able to customize a focused golf specific workout for me and my busy schedule.”

“The online workout he created was great. The instruction and demonstrations were just like having a personal trainer go thru the drills and exercises with me. Dr Casey was always just a phone call or email away to answer any questions about the program. The TPI fitness program gave me the ability to FOCUS my limited workout time to target my golf Balance and Flexibility not to mention improving my general health.”

“I would highly recommend this program to any beginner or advanced player. It not only accelerates your golf game, it is easy, fun and leads to better overall health. You can always buy new clubs; you only get one body, take care of it with The Golf Dojo and a personalized workout for yourself."

Professional Endorsements

Ted Hanulak - Martial Arts Master
Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis Martial Arts

"I have known Steven Browner for 30 years. I have trained with him in the martial arts and meditated by his side for a long time. There are two things I know about Steven Browner; his love for the path of experiencing inner stillness and of course his thirst for applying principles of present perfection to the game of Golf."

"When Steven began his journey to combining Golf practice with Mindful awareness, I thought there is no better person qualified to do this. It is an excellent idea that I believe will help countless golfers with their game and beyond. I would definitely recommend this program to any Golf lover in your life!”

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