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Golf Dojo Focus

Do you have the focus to play fearlessly?

Golf Dojo Presence

Can you swing through adversity and hit the green?

Golf Dojo Execution

Is your mind clear and prepared for success?

Golf Dojo Stillness

Are you ready to know your true game? 

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within the still mind... your true game dwells inside you... breathe swing play feel live

  • "Achieve Your Playing Goals Through Patience And Dedication"
  • "Seek the stillness underneath the wandering mind... Your original swing exists there"
  • "Our Goal is not to make a perfect golfer, but let a golfer experience the perfect moment"
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The Golf Dojo... What Is It?

The Golf Dojo is a training concept dedicated to evolving the Art and Practice of Playing Golf for every player regardless of skill level. The only prerequisite is a love for the game, and a desire to experience the evolution of your personal "Inner Game" focus as well as physical performance.

Our programs are designed around the personal performance goals of the individual. With a slight difference in the application of the lessons, all students from Touring Professionals to Social Golfers benefit from exercising focus, practicing awareness, bio-mechanical evolution, and mindful training.

Executing a golf shot in competition or otherwise is a truly unique pursuit. It’s one of those rare events that once the physical techniques are assimilated and understood, the rest of the matter is a direct reflection of what happens between your ears, or more to the point… in your conscious mind.

Thru specific techniques of focus and physical training methods applied at The Golf Dojo, the student walks down the dynamic path of learning to play golf free from internal emotional distraction, opinions, false expectations and fear. Often, these "self-created" events rob the seasoned tournament golfer from optimal performance and the social golfer from a deeper enjoyment while playing. The practice of Mindful golf has both a calming and focused effect on the ability of a Player to execute shots while staying rooted in the moment.

This is not "THE ZONE". The sports concept of “The Zone” is when a player accidently experiences presence; unfortunately this is usually a fleeting experience. Thru consistent and mindful practice, the Golf Dojo students experience the game thru a quiet mind.

R U Golf Ready???

This is the Golf Dojo!

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